Nozzle Removal Tool Temperature Experiment

Technical Information:


Florida Based startup ZCatch, December 8, 2017 – Has developed an apparatus allowing for the exchange of different sized nozzles for FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) printers. The apparatus assembly consists of comprised of 6 components: Lower Housing, Upper Housing, Locking Head, spring, Push Pin, and Steel Ball. The apparatus works by applying two simultaneous functions. First, an upward force on the upper Housing will secure the heater block from any rotation motion. Secondary energy must be used to turn the lower housing counter-clockwise, and will simultaneously rotate the nozzle, removing the nozzle from the heater block. To connect the lower housing to the nozzle, a ¼ inch drive socket used as a mating adapter component. Drive sockets contain a recessed square on one end connecting to the Tool and different adapters on the other end to switch to different Nozzle sizes.


  • Expanded Length: 3.23 in (82 mm)
  • Compressed Length: 2.57 in (65.27 mm)
  • Overall Diameter: 1.25 in (31.75 mm)


  • Weight: 233.22 Grams (0.514 lbs)

Material Specifications:

  • Gripping area and mating locking head is composed of Material is 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
  • Push Pin is composed of Aluminum 6061

Thermal Conductivity Research:


Physical research has conducted the duration of time the nozzle removal will heat up when placed in direct contact of the heater block. In our study, we have held two temperature trials taking sample data points at a time interval from 7:01-7:07 and again at 7:45-7:50 and back. Our goal of this experiment is to estimate the working time of the tool acting on a hot nozzle at 500 degrees Fahrenheit before reaching a minimum Pain Threshold for touching the gripping surface. According to a study conducted by Nasa Johnson Space Center Source, the lowest pain threshold (Thermal Limits for intravehicular Activity (IVA) Touch Temperatures)recorded at 110.7 degrees Fahrenheit at skin contact. (Ungar) Using this information we placed our limit at 101 degrees Fahrenheit for the experiment.

Estimated Current Nozzle Removal Tool Touch Limits

Based off figure 3 graph for trial one our data shows the operational time to remove a “hot nozzle” is estimated to be 3:04 minutes. For trial two the operational time to remove a “Hot nozzle” is 5:50 min. The average working time on a hot nozzle is taking into account trial 1 and trial two is estimated to be 4:27 min. Figure 1 and Figure 2 below illustrate samples taking by the Flir Thermal Camera. See Table 1 for details.

Table 1(Temperature Study Results)

Figure 1 (Nozzle Removal Tool at Room Temperature – 7:45pm)

Figure 2 (Nozzle Removal Tool at Room Temperature – 7:45pm)

Graph Results:

Figure 3(Graph represents 2 temperature trials studies)


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Ungar, Eugene. A New Approach to Defining Human Touch Temperature Standards. 2010. 26 10 2018.